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Arabic Language Course For Non-Native Speakers

Arabic is a fascinating language. It is deep and powerful as depicted in Quranic Texts, but in everyday conversational use, it is delicate and respectful, with textual differentiation for different genders. Our Arabic Language for non-native speaker course will touch the surface and the depth of this compelling language and empower you with the necessary nuances of the language. This FAST-TRACK Arabic course is designed for those who wish to acquire a basic proficiency in spoken and written Arabic and will enable you to speak and write basic Arabic in the space of justmonths! The Arabic Language Course has 4 levels, Students who completed level 1 will be able to continue to Level 2 without any entrance test.

This course will be accredited by Khawarizmi University from Jordan.  The University is recognised by The Government of Jordan and has served the Jordanian for the past 40 years.


Course Objective:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to: 

  1. Recognise all 28 Arabic Alphabets and writing them
  2. Identify the different form of the alphabets in the beginning, middle and end of a word.
  3. Identify the Arabic vowels
  4. Identify the “Sun” letters and the “Moon” letters
  5. Memorise important vocabularies
  6. Engage in simple and basic Arabic Conversation
  7. Write short and simple sentences in Arabic
  8. Identify Prepositions in Arabic


Course Details:

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