Course: Islam 101

If you’re new to Islam, or if you’re a non-Muslim and curious to know about Islam, this course is for you.
  • 800+ Students
6th December.
Online Platform
8:00pm Sg / 12:00pm UK
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  • Instructor : Shaykh Dr Tarek El-Gawhary
  • No. of lessons: 04 Lessons
  • Category: Tasawwuf
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What You'll Learn

  • Understand The core component of Islam which is: Islam, Iman and Ihsan.
  • Understand the Six articles of Faith.
  • Understand the five pillars of Islam.
  • Understand the concept of life after death.

About This Course

Are you new to Islam or you just haven’t got the chance to know about it deeper? Curious to know the essential elements of Islam, which are the articles of faith and pillars of Islam? This course is for those who are keen to know more about the fundamentals of Islam.

You might be wondering, “What is Islam, how does it work, what do Muslims believe, what do they say and do?” Questions we all have whether we are outsiders, new to Islam, or born Muslims. Islam 101 is a short course that will explain one hadith of the Prophet, Peace and Blessings be upon him, known as the “Hadith of Gabriel" that answers all these questions  as well as gives us a framework of how to further our study of Islam.


  • Commencement: 6th December
  • Frequency: Monday to Thursday (6 -9 December 2021)
  • Lecturer: Shaykh Dr Tarek El-Gawhary
  • Medium of Instruction: English
  • Duration: 04 lessons (1-1.5 hours per lesson)
  • Online Platform: Zoom
  • Time: Cairo: 2pm / Singapore/Malaysia/Perth: 6pm /Sydney: 9pm / London: 12pm / ET (EDT/EST): 8am
  • Mode: Live

Entry Requirements

  • This course is open to all students, aged 16 and above. No prior knowledge is required.