Even Though We Never Met

Even Though we never met

Abu Huraira, a close companion of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), reported the following Prophetic tradition:

The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) came to the graveyard and said: Peace be upon you! the abode of the believing people and we, if God so wills, are about to join you. I love to see my brothers. They (the hearers) said: Aren't we your brothers, Messenger of Allah? He said: You are my companions, and our brothers are those who have, so far, not come into the world. They said: Messenger of Allah, how would you recognise those persons of your Ummah who have not yet been born? He said: Supposing a man had horses with white blazes on fore- heads and legs among horses which were all black, tell me, would he not recognise his own horses? They said: Certainly. Messenger of Allah. He said: They would come with white faces and arms and legs owing to ablution, and I would arrive at the Cistern (Hawd) before them. Some people would be driven away from my Cistern (Hawd) as the stray camel is driven away. I would call out. Come. come. Then it would be said (to me): These people changed themselves after you, and I would say: Be off, be off. (Sahih Muslim, Book #002, Hadith #0482)

In another Prophetic tradition,

One day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said to his companions: Would that I can see my brothers coming toward me to the pool and welcome them with bowls filled with sweet juices. Before entering the paradise, I wish I can offer them from my Pool of Kawthar. Upon these words, the companions said: O Messenger of God! Are we not your brothers? He replied: You are my companions. And my brothers are the believers who believe in me without seeing me. Surely, I ask of my Lord to illuminate my eyes with you and the believers who believe without seeing me.

In the above Prophetic traditions, Prophet Muhammad (s) clearly indicated that he is yearning and looking forward to meet the band of believers that will come after him, whom he called as his brothers. They accept and believe in the religion of Islam, and love Prophet Muhammad as the Final Messenger of Allah, without ever meeting or seeing him. While the Prophet’s companions continue to hold a special place in his heart, indeed Prophet Muhammad (s) is deeply pleased to know the future will manifest a band of Muslim believers, who deeply love him, his family and companions, despite them being in an environment of vast ignorance, corruption and unbelief. Shaykh Hisham Kabbani shall elucidate the abovementioned Prophetic traditions and will also discuss the prerequisites to be considered as the Prophet’s “brothers”.

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