Tafsir and Reflection on The Qur’an

Tafsir and reflections on the Quran

Sayyiduna Ibn Masʿūd May Allah be pleased with him said, ‘There are people who recite the Qurʾān yet it does not descend beyond their throats; were it to reach the heart and take root therein, it is then that it would benefit.’

Al-Ghazāli said “One is to assume that he is the one who is intended in every statement in the Qur’ān. Hence if he hears a command or prohibition, he assumes that he is the one who is being commanded and prohibited. If he hears a promise or threat, he does the same. If he hears the stories of the past and those of prophets, he realises that entertainment is not the objective, but rather, it is for him to take lessons, and to extract from its lines all what he needs.”

The earlier generations who attained success realised the Quran as their Lords messages and would therefore contemplate them at night and pursue them during the day.

 In this course, Shaykh Dr Walead Mosaad explains the tafseer of selected chapters and verses, and reflect upon the messages and the lessons learnt from the Tafseer.

      Course Details:

Teacher: Dr. Walead Mosaad
Medium of Instruction: Arabic/English