The Crisis of ISIS and the State of Muslims Today

the crisis of isis

This lecture will discuss ISIS in two parts. The first part will revolve around history, fiqh, and politics, whereas the second, will be an examination of the state of Muslims today. In the first part, the lecture will look at the history of the kharajites, and discuss their signs and describe their barbarity. It will discuss how even some of the Sahaba were in awe of their outward appearances, and how Imam Ali, had to remind them that they had gone astray and had to be fought. The talk will also mention some of the signs of the kharajites that have come down to us through various hadith. The fiqh aspect will look at what our classical scholars said concerning the kharajites.

The second part of the lecture will discuss the sad state of international politics, and how tragedies in the political arena serve as recruiting grounds for groups such as ISIS. It will state that all life is not seen to be equal, and this creates rage. Finally, the last section of the lecture will look at two aspects of contemporary Muslims: a) general observations, and then, 2) addressing the issue of knowledge. In part a) the lecture will discuss how mercy is lacking from the Muslim discourse, while part b) will talk about the consequences of the loss of traditional Islamic knowledge....

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