The Etiquette of Supplication


Du’a is a great and glorious act of worship. Its greatness and excellence have been mentioned in many verses of Al-Qur’an and Hadith of the Prophet Salla Allahu ‘alayhi wasallam. To make supplication expresses our love for Allah, it indicates that we are His servants and believe in His divinity, it shows that we trust and rely on His knowledge, power and it is an acknowledgment and proof of our belief in him. 

The covers a number of aspects of Du’a, its prerequisite, best practices, timings, the do’s and don’ts and how/when to expect an answer from your Du’a

Course Objective:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to: 

Understand the proper way of making du’a
Understand the good timing and the best states of making du’a
Understand the Do’s and Don’ts in making a supplication.

      Course Details:

Teacher: Dr Shadee El-Masry
Medium of Instruction: English
Text: Notes
Duration: 2 lessons (1.5-2 hours per lesson).

Entry Requirements:

This course is open to all students, aged 16 and above. No prior knowledge is required