Through the Looking Glass: The Misadventures of the Modern Muslim

modern muslim

Like Alice, in Lewis Carroll’s enticing story of a young girl, challenged by a fantastical world, Muslims today are also confronted by a parody of Islam. They see Muslims carrying out acts so heinous, that they cannot fathom how they can be justified in the name of a Merciful God. And yet, many non-Muslims see the very same acts as being carried out “in the name of Islam,” just as the criminals claim.

With blood flowing ever freely, the honour of the Prophet Muhammad being dragged through the proverbial mud, and the sanctity of life being crushed underfoot by murderous hearts, this lecture will attempt to make sense of this fantastical world in which a parody of Islam lives. It will seek to explore the intellectual fault lines of normative Islam and its parody, thus allowing non-Muslims and Muslims alike to distinguish beauty from the ugly and fact from fiction.

      Course Details:

Teacher: Aftab Malik
Medium of Instruction: Arabic/English

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