Islamic Learning Has Never been This Easier

About Our Islamic Education Center

SimplyIslam Academy, a subsidiary of, is an online Islamic education centre, delivering quality Islamic courses via online since early 2021. The online Islamic school provides indispensable learning on the various sciences of Islam, covering Qur’an, Hadith, Sirah, Fiqh, Tasawwuf, and others. Our Islamic programmes empower you with the knowledge, tools and motivation to lead a good Muslim life, responsibly, and achieve your ultimate spiritual goals.
Since the inception of, we have directed and managed many lectures, annual events and campaigns for the betterment of the Ummah. We have recorded those events to preserve and disseminate the Islamic knowledge via SimplyIslam Academy to curious learners from all parts of the world to benefit from.
Today, we’ve transformed the lives of more than 22,000 people through lectures and events we’ve curated, carried out by more than 90 world-renowned scholars and esteemed dignitaries. We aim to continuously design novel and essential Islamic science courses online to meet the needs of Muslims in the contemporary world.
To provide a credible and authentic Islamic learning platform where anyone, anywhere, anytime, can learn all about Islam effectively and efficiently.
Since its inception, SimplyIslam Academy has curated more than 350 quality Islamic lessons online conducted by prominent Islamic figures and dignitaries, to curious learners from all over the world. 
To develop curious individuals into full-fledged learners by exploring, understanding and embracing the right and proper Islamic knowledge in its fullest potential delivered by prominent scholars worldwide.
Our goal is to turn SimplyIslam Academy into a safe and trustworthy space where anyone from all walks of life can learn proper and authentic Islamic Knowledge, guided by the path of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah.

Islamic Learning Has Never been This Easier

In accordance to the rightly guided path of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah, SimplyIslam Academy presents a traditional and Sunni Islam, dressed with a progressive and dynamic approach to life in the contemporary world. 
Our content of Islamic education is inspired by the prominent theologians of the Sunni school,Imam Abu Mansur Al-Maturidi and Imam Abu Hasan al-Ashari. Our platform is highly influenced by the four Imams of Fiqh: Imam Shafi’i, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik and Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal. We are also guided and inspired by many recent and contemporary Islamic scholars and teachers.

Serving the world through learning

"I really enjoyed being a part of SimplyIslam Academy as it is really an eye-opener and it helps me bring along many meaningful adab and lessons throughout my life." 
Muhammad Ikhlaas

"The teachers at SimplyIslam Academy are very knowledgeable and make the topic easy to understand. Taking this course inspires me to take up more classes and InshaAllah, I will benefit from the knowledge here onwards."
Haryani Jumari
"Given the COVID-19 restrictions, I think the course has been extremely enriching and illuminating despite having to adhere to them. My aspirations for joining the course have been fulfilled and my interest has grown."
Mahirah Malek