Course: Do we need a Shaykh?

Have you been learning Islamic Knowledge the proper way? This course will guide you to set your priorities to learn it right.
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  • Instructor : Shaykh Umar Bin Hussein Al-Khatib
  • No. of lessons: 08
  • Category: Tasawwuf
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What You'll Learn

  • Understand the clear indicator of being loved by Allah and our need to become a better Muslim through seeking knowledge
  • The importance of a knowledgeable scholar in transmitting Sacred Knowledge from one generation to the next
  • The fatal consequences of a broken chain of transmission of Sacred Knowledge
  • Understand the signs of a true scholar in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah.

About This Course

Islam is more than a system of strict doctrines and principles. It is a diverse mosaic of subjective, often contradictory interpretations and discrepant applications that prohibit a narrow, one-dimensional approach.

The infestation of ignorance and error in knowledge is caused by the broken transmission or chain of authentic Sacred Knowledge, causing fatal misinformation which leads to not only segregation or a massive schism, but war and violence.

The Lecture explain that to understand this complex reality and achieve a more accurate understanding of Islam, it is important to study Islam from the individuals who not only practice their faith, but goes deep into learning the sacred sciences through an unbroken chain of transmission of knowledge.

Entry Requirements

  • This course is open to all students, aged 16 and above. No prior knowledge is required.