Course: Re-Enchanting Humanity: The Future of Islam

Struggling to find the delicate balance between the word and the spirit of the law? Be enlightened and finally reach the peak of moderation.
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  • Instructor : Shaykh Dr Ali Gomaa
  • No. of lessons: 03
  • Category: General
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What You'll Learn

  • How you can balance between religiosity and humanity to be the perfectly moderate Muslim
  • Understand the reality of humanity and its relation to knowledge
  • Explore the tradition of  the Prophet's ﷺ concern for animals
  • Instill good character to others to all humankind

About This Course

Many Muslims are very much focused on the performance of the externalities and the Laws and often miss the forest for the trees, forgetting important aspects of the Prophetic teachings and guidance. Allah The Merciful reminded us regarding the Prophet Muhammad, Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon him,

The Prophetic teachings amalgamates and balances between religiosity and humanity, not one for the other. Hence, upholding the best relationship with Allah Almighty and also to the rest of mankind is indeed an Islamic obligation. We often hear of people saying that we can have religiosity or outward piety, but less of humanity when we are so dearly in need of it.

The eminent American Christian preacher, Martin Luther King Jr said "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.". He is indeed right. When we have attained peace in our heart, then love, peace and tranquility shall emanate from it and manifest in our actions and dealings with others. We need to re-enchant the humanity with the beauty of Islam.

The speaker, His Eminence Shaykh Dr Ali Gomaa, will guide us on how we can balance the scales between Religiosity and Humanity to be ambassadors of peace, and become a beacon of the Prophetic light for all.
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Entry Requirements

  • No previous knowledge of English is necessary.