Ustadh Abdul Shakur Hadi

SimplyIslam Academy Scholar
Ustadh Abdul Shakur Hadi studied the religious sciences under various teachers in Singapore, Damascus (at Abu Nour Institute and under Shaykh Adnan Kabbani), and Malaysia.
He founded Wilayah Learning Centre where he now does all of his writings and classes. Wilayah is aimed at integrating religious and spiritual learning with character and moral development. The centre works together with other traditional learning centres and spiritual groups to keep young and new Muslims away from radicalism and promote social cohesion, harmony and peaceful communal relationships within the Muslim and with non-Muslim communities.
More Details:
He specialises in Qur’anic reading, Tajwid, Islamic Spirituality, Tasawwuf, Theology, Fiqh, Islamic History and Education.
Ustadh `Abdul-Shakur’s has written numerous articles and authored three books being used as learning materials for WilayahLC’s courses. He also helped edit and publish a book on Tajwid.
Throughout the years, he has published several books;
  • Learn to Read Qur`an – Guidebook for Total Beginners. First Edition April 2008.
  • The Book of Taharah & Book of Salah – A Manual in the Shafi‘i Madhhab, Qalam Publishing, September 2008.
  • The Book of Tauhid – A Primer for Learning the Pillars of Faith, April 2008.
Ustadh `Abdul-Shakur is also a lead vocalist and organizes the Hadrah and Qasidah group for the Singapore Haqqani Ensemble during important Islamic dates and various occasions.

Course by Ustadh Abdul Shakur Hadi

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