Ustadh Muhammad Salleh

SimplyIslam Academy Scholar
Ustadh Muhammad Salleh is a graduate of Singapore’s prestigious Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah and completed his full-time pre-university studies at the madrasah. He also studied at the National University of Malaysia, before pursuing his Degree at the Al-Azhar University.
More Details:
He is an accredited Asatizah (Islamic Religious Teacher) certified by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore and the Asatizah Recognition Board.
He has taught Islamic studies to tertiary students and adults at SimplyIslam’s Islamic school. He has a flair and deep interest for Prophetic healing and medicine and regularly conducts SimplyIslam’s popular “Prophetic Healing” and “Ruqyah” course. He is currently the Chief Knowledge Strategist at the SimplyIslam Academy. He is proficient in Arabic, English and Malay languages.

Courses by Ustadh Muhammad Salleh

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