Ustadh Nazeer Majiet 

SimplyIslam Academy Scholar
Ustadh Nazeer Majiet is an experienced educator, with a strong follower-base in South Africa. As a seeker of sacred knowledge for the past 10 years. Ustadh Nazeer is astoundingly dedicated towards learning and delving deep into Islam. This dedication to learning has led him to memorizing the the Qur’ān in all 10 modes of recitation with sanad and ijazah therein. 
More Details:
Ustadh Nazeer studied the various sacred sciences for about 6 years in South Africa, after which he furthered his studies in Egypt, at the renowned Al-Azhar university.
Ustadh Nazeer’s dedication to teaching and spreading Islamic knowledge is well-recognised within the South African community. He is regularly sought for advice and opinions on Islamic matters. Even during his days as a student at Al-Azhar, his contribution to teaching Islam continued as he became a source of inspiration and knowledge for South African students in Egypt, guiding them through their Islamic studies through weekly classes as he sought to assist them in areas they struggled to comprehend.

Course by Ustadh Nazeer Majiet Al-Azhari

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