Course: Tafseer and Reflections on the Qur'an 

Learn Tafseer online and gain deeper understanding of the Quran. It is the only Tafseer course you'll ever need.
  • 800+ Students
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  • Instructor : Dr. Walead Mosaad
  • No. of lessons: 28
  • Category: Qur'an
  • Online at your own pace
  • Full lifetime access

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the meaning of tafseer and sabab nuzul through our Quran tafseer course
  • Understand the three levels of reading Quran throughout the Quran tafseer classes
  • Understand the tafseer of selected chapters and verses by Shaykh Walead Mosaad
  • Reflect on the messages and lessons learned from the online Tafseer course

About This Course

Some online Tafseer classes can be quite intimidating for beginners who are looking to begin their journey in understanding the message of the Quran. This online Quran Tafseer course however, is different from the rest. It invites you to fall in love with the Quran in ways you could never imagine. This is your time to stop deducing literal interpretations from Quranic verses, and understand the context or (asbab nuzul) behind the words and even letters.

Sayyiduna Ibn Masʿud May Allah be pleased with him said, ‘There are people who recite the Qurʾan yet it does not descend beyond their throats; were it to reach the heart and take root therein, it is then that it would benefit.’

Al-Ghazali said “One is to assume that he is the one who is intended in every statement in the Qur’ān. Hence if he hears a command or prohibition, he assumes that he is the one who is being commanded and prohibited. If he hears a promise or threat, he does the same. If he hears the stories of the past and those of prophets, he realises that entertainment is not the objective, but rather, it is for him to take lessons, and to extract from its lines all what he needs.”

Leveraging on our expert in Quranic tafseer with over 20 years of experience in Arab and Islamic studies, Shaykh Dr. Walead Mosaad, our online Quran tafseer course provides you a strong foundation to beginning your journey in Tafseer.

Gain full satisfaction and spiritual fulfillment by exploring the beauty of the Quran today. Join our Quran Tafseer course online and start reading the Quran with pure joy.

Entry Requirements

  • This course is open to all students, aged 16 and above. No prior knowledge is required.