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The Complete Wird al Latif - A Dhikr Set by Imam Al-Haddad

  • 10 Nov 2021
Whenever a person falls ill or faces any trauma they immediately seek out medical help for their various ailments and carefully take the prescribed medicines by their doctor according to his recommendations following his advice. Similarly the spiritual heart or soul also gets afflicted with various ailments and hence it is recommended and proven from Quran and Prophetic traditions to follow the prescribed supplications or invocations from the scripture Quran and the Hadith as narrated by Prophet ﷺ and his companions and proven through their legacy.
These supplications have been handed down to us from our pious predecessors in a continuous chain and authentic manner. Thus Imam Al-Haddad’s Al-wird-Al-Latif is one such compilation for physical as well as spiritual ailments and their cure.

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Definition of Wird Al Latif:( اَلْوِرْدُ اللَّطِيفُ)
Brief Biography of Imam al-Haddad (may Allah the Exalted have mercy on him)
Benefits of Wird Al Latif
Best Timings to recite Wird Al-Latif
The complete guide to reciting Wird-Al-Latif
Arabic and translation of some of the supplications in Al-Wird-Al-Latif
Definition of Wird Al Latif:( اَلْوِرْدُ اللَّطِيفُ)
Al-Wird al-Latif is a collection of Adhkar or morning /evening supplications to be recited daily on a regular basis compiled in a succinct manner by Imam al Haddad.
Literal meaning:
“Wird” - the word comes from a verb which means “to seek a source (of water);” and also “to receive something as a divine inspiration.”
Whereas the term “ Al-Latif” which is also one of the ninety nine beautiful names of Allah the Glorious means Subtle, or light. 
Hence collectively it would imply a collection of adhkar or divine supplication in a very compact and concise manner which is not cumbersome for the believer to recite and light and easy on the tongue.
Religious Implication:
  • A wird is what we as worshippers seek as a source of healing for our hearts.At its origin it is a divinely-inspired collection of prayers,all drawn from the actual invocations of the Prophet ﷺ would make in his prayers in speaking to Allah the Almighty our Creator.
  • All of the prayers contained in this wirdul-latif come to us from the prayers of Prophet ﷺ hat he left for us as a legacy and a means of connecting with Allah the Exalted. What this wird offers is a specific arrangement of those invocations.
  •  A word is a certain form of dhikr with which the believer can keep his tongue moist at all times. While remembering the creator Allah the Almighty in all his matters, of day to day life. He can just open this wide chest of adhkar drawers and pick and choose the appropriate one and make supplications using that.
  • Many authentic supplications are quoted in the Quran scripture as the duas made by the Prophets on certain occasions, and then there are some other verses which our pious predecessors have recommended for reciting on certain occasions.
  • Then we have numerous supplications narrated from the prophetic traditions or hadith which the scholars have compiled in the form of aurad or booklets . Hence they are easy to carry if one is traveling and is in the habit of reciting these supplications on a regular basis then he can just use the small booklet for this purpose.
  • Nowadays people carry digital copies on their mobile phones which are even more handy and accessible for the busy working people who have very short time in their break during a full working day for reciting the supplications.
Brief Biography of Imam al-Haddad (may Allah the Exalted have mercy on him)
Background of Imam Al-Haddad:
Imam Abdullah al-Haddad is the mujaddid or one who is known as the renewer of the twelfth Islamic century. He has a momentous contribution towards the spreading of teachings of Islam through his books that were accepted in wide numbers by the muslim population all over the world.
He was born in Tarim,which is located remotely in the hills of Hadhramaut, which is one of the southern regions of the Arabian peninsula. His lineage is traced back to the Prophet ﷺ through Imam al-Husayn. His ancestors, had for centuries produced generation after generation of great scholars who worked tirelessly to spread the deen of Allah the Almighty, calling people to the straight path.
Imam al-Haddad after having spent his life in the path of Allah the Almighty bringing people closer to the teachings of Islam through his written publications and lectures, passed away, on the eve of the 7th of Dhu’l Qa’da, 1132 A.H. For a more thorough biography of the Imam
Compilation of Wird Al Latif:
Imam Al-Haddad’s initial invocation was the Wird al kabir which he recited daily after the morning and the evening prayers. Then there were some other supplications as well, which he used to recite, that are required for spiritual purification of the heart to seek the pleasure of Allah the Almighty and to remain in a state of closeness to HIM.
Since the wird Al kabir was rather lengthy hence imam had the foresight to condense it in a shorter version which would be easier to recite.
He foresaw that people with the passage of time would become more preoccupied and involved in the mundane activities of this world and give preference to it instead of the Hereafter. They will find it cumbersome to even take out a few minutes to connect with their Lord Allah the Almighty from their day to day routine.
Hence he shortened the lengthy adhkar to concise ones so that it could be completed in less than ten to fifteen minutes. Once a person has become familiar with the supplications by reciting on a daily basis it would take no more than a few minutes from his daily schedule in morning and evening. This is recommended by the predecessors, however, if one can simply not find the time then at least once a day recitation is required.
Benefits of Wird Al Latif:
Arabic language differs from other languages since it is the language of the Quran, the language that Allah the Exalted chose to make worthy of conveying His message and revelation. It is a very rich language with a single word or term implying multiple forms or meanings.
Hence, Muslims all over the world have always recited both the Quran and the Prophetic invocations in their original Arabic terms, even when they were unable to understand the meaning of those particular terms in that language, in order to make sure that they lose none of the rewards, blessings and healing effects, which would otherwise be lost in the translation or reciting with some terms interchangeably.
There are many benefits of reciting these adhkars on a daily basis. Rewards and blessings from Allah the Almighty, it is a cure for the diseased heart, protection from the ailments and the devil mischief and traps, as well as different trials and tribulations
In a narration, Prophet ﷺ tells us that :
“Allah the Exalted says: Whoever gives Me a moment of their time in the morning, and a moment of their time in the evening, I will take care of the time for him that lies in between.
In quran , Allah the Almighty addresses the believers in Surah al Insan
[Chapter 76: Verse 25]
وَاذۡكُرِ اسۡمَ رَبِّكَ بُكۡرَةً وَّاَصِيۡلاً 
Remember the name of your Lord at dawn and in the evening;
This provides ample proof as the basis of recommending these adhkar for the believer as an essential part of his daily dosage for connecting with Allah the Almighty on a regular basis.
Best Timings to recite Wird Al-Latif:
Wird Al-Latif is preferably to be recited after Fajr and Maghrib. If this is not possible, it is to be recited once before and once after midday, whenever time is available.
As with all the supplications and adhkar of Imam al-Haddad, al-Wird al-Latif is made up of prophetic supplications and it is composed into a formula that is most suitable at appropriate times to fulfill the needs of the muslim beleiver. Since we all need Allah the Almighty to execute our daily tasks and we rely and depend so heavily on Him for our needs, this wird al Latif is the means of fulfillment of this desperate need.
It is one of the scholarly opinions that one of the intentions held by Imam al Haddad as he was inspired to compose this wird, was that it can be easily accessible to as many
people as possible since (the literal meaning of ‘latif’ in its title is ‘quick’ or ‘light,’
because it is comparatively brief to recite).
The complete guide to reciting Wird-Al-Latif:
The Wird al-Latif may be recited with the purpose and intention of seeking the rewards and blessings of Allah the Exalted and His close protection and proximity and help in all matters of life.
Below we will mention a few of these supplications, however a complete detail can be found in the various supplication and adhkar booklets easily available and accessible and there is a youtube video link below in case someone wants to just listen first instead of recitation.
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Arabic and translation of some of the supplications in Al-Wird-Al-Latif.
اَلْوِرْدُ اللَّطِيفُ Al-Wird al-Latif
In the Name of God, the Creator of Relationships,Who is related to you more closely than your closest relatives .Say: “He is Allah, and He is One.Allah, the Eternal Refuge.
He neither begets nor is He begotten,And there is no one, and nothing, like Him.”( recite 3 times)
In the Name of God, Unconditionally Loving to all Closer to you than your closest kin
Say: "I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn, From the evil of that which He created
And from the evil of darkness when it falls suddenly And when it deepens
And from the evil of those who blow on knots seeking that ill should come to others1
And from the evil of an envier when he lets loose his envy." (recite 3 times)
In the Name of God, Ever Loving and Caring,Who is always the Closest One to you
Say: "I seek refuge in the One Who takes care of all of humankind -Who is Sovereign in His power over all humankind -And Supreme in His Presence and Essence, over all of humankind -from the evil of the whisperer of evil,That whisperer, be he of jinn or humankind,who whispers evil suggestions into the hearts of humankind." (recite 3 times)
O my Lord I seek refuge in You from the seduction and suggestions of devils
And I seek refuge in You from their demonic presence. (recite 3 times)
Could you really have thought that We created you without a meaning,without purpose,and that you would not return to Us at the end?Allah, the King of Truth, is Exalted far above that.There is no ultimate goal, no deity, but Him, the Master of the entire cosmos.Let the one who pursues an illusionary god alongside the True God know that he will have to face his Caretaker and Creator in the end.Those who turn their backs to God will never be happy.Say, then, “O my Lord! Forgive and show Your Unconditional Love and Acceptance,for it is You Who Loves truly and unconditionally, more than a mother loves her child.
Glory be to Allah the Exalted, when the day turns to evening, and when the night turns to day;to Him belongs all Praise -in the Heavens and upon Earth,and by night and at the brightest hour!He brings the dead to life! And He brings the living to their death!
He revives the earth after its death. In this same way,you will be brought from the current stage you are in, to the next.
I seek refuge in God, Who hears all things, and knows all things,from the influence of Satan the one who chose to remain distant from God’s Grace.(recite 3 times)
Were We to reveal this Quran to a mountain, you would see that mountain bend
and bow in utter humility and awe, splitting asunder and disintegrating into dust
out of intense veneration and longing for the Divine.We draw such images across the human mindscape,so that human beings might take the gift they are being offered to reflect deeply.
He is God - the One God, that One Who, deep inside us, we know.There is no one worthy of being loved and sought but Him,He Who knows what we show and what we hide, what we see and what we don’t see.He is the the One Who gives love to all, unconditionally,the One closer to us than our very own relatives.He is God - the One God, that One Who, deep inside us, we know.There is no one worthy of focusing upon or worshiping but Him,no one worth being loved and sought but Him,the One Who rules all and to Whom belongs everything the One Who is Pure in His Essence and makes pure everything He touches,The One Who is the Source of Holiness,the One Who is the Essence of peace, and gives peace to everyone who seeks it of Him,The One Who is the Source of security, and Who bestows security upon His creatures;the One Who protects and guards all lives,Whose Height is beyond anyone’s ability to fathom; the One Who heals and mends all the broken bones and bonds,
The One Whose might is so great that no evil can stand before it,but rather perishes at its very presence! The One Whose grandeur is so great that no one can harm the one who is protected by Him Glory be to God above all that people equate to Him He is God, the One God.
The Creator the One Who started everything from nothing,the One Who gave everything its form To Him belong the Most Stunningly Beautiful Names and Qualities,
To Him belong the Most Exalted Titles.All that is in the heavens and earth celebrates His glory and sends forth His Praises constantly!Yet no one could ever actually describe or comprehend Him as He truly is,He remains too high above their perception,beyond their imagination.The God of Absolute.
I seek refuge in the Perfect Words of God from the evil He has created. (recite 3 times)
In the Name of Allah the Exalted,with the utterance of Whose Name no harm can be visited upon anything on earth or in the heavens!(By uttering His Name, I invoke His protection from all harm, and I receive it!)He is the One Who hears all, and knows everything! (recite 3 times).
I am contented and fulfilled to have God as my Caretaker,I am contented and fulfilled with submission to Him as my way of life,and I am contented and fulfilled to have our Prophet Muhammad .- may God continue to nourish his soul and our connection to him -be my Prophet and Guide! (recite 3 times
O my Beloved Lord, You are my Caretaker,the One Who looks after me fully and completely!There is no one worthy of being sought but You.You have created me, and I am Yours.
I commit to my promise and covenant to You, to the maximum of my ability!I seek refuge in You from the evil of that which I have brought about through my actions!I come to You, fully acknowledging Your great favors upon me!And I come to You acknowledging my sins - forgive me! For no one can forgive but You!
O my Lord Who is closer to me than myself!You are the One Who looks after me.
There is no one worthy of my focus but You!Upon You I rely completely.You are the Lord of the Vast Arsh (the cosmos).
 حسبي الله لا إله إلا هو عليه توكلت وهو ربُّ العرش العظيم
Allah the Exalted is Enough for me! He is looking after me completely.Only Allah is worthy of being sought.I let go of all pretenses to control and place my full reliance on Him!He is the Caretaker of this entire cosmos,the One Who keeps it all in perfect balance,the Maintainer of its intricacy and Sustainer of its immensity,and Controller of all action and every movement therein. (recite 7 times).
O my Lord, I come to You seeking Your refuge from suffering anxiety or sadness,
and from being afflicted by incapacity or laziness,and from feeling cowardice or miserliness,and from facing overwhelming debt or the oppression of people.3
O my Lord, it is You Who created me,and You Who guides me,You Who feeds me, and You Who gives me to drink!You cause me to die, and You bring me back to life!
And You are Able to do anything, You have Complete Power.Nothing can stand in the way of Your bringing to pass that which You wish to bring to pass.
In the morning:O my Lord,by You we have awoken to this day,and by You we will retire into its night.By You we live, and by You we die.We place our complete reliance upon You.And to You we will be resurrected.In the evening:O my Lord,by You we retire into this night,and by You we awaken to this day.By You we live, and by You we die.
We place our complete reliance upon You.And our destiny is to return to You.
“Glory be to God and praise be unto Him”As many times as is equal to the quantity of all that He has created And to the measure of His Pleasure And to the weight of the entire cosmos And to the ink of His Words! (recite 3 times)
There is no one to be sought but God, the One God, Who has no partner.He is the Only One Who has power over all things,and every single aspect of creation lies in His Hands,belonging utterly to Him and no one else.To God all praise is given,the One Who gives life, and the One Who brings death.He has the Power to do anything,Nothing is beyond His Ability!May this affirmation of mine be multiplied by the number of every atom in existence,a thousand times over! (recite 3 times)
"People are in need of the Prophetic du’ā’s now, more than ever, because there are shayateen everywhere. If we could see the unseen world, I’m telling you, we would all pass out. Because there are demons all over the place. What you’re doing whilst reciting invocations and litanies is creating a space around you, that if the Jinn and shaytaan see it, they have to back away. If you are consistent with this (Wird al Latif), I guarantee you will see a difference in your life. And if you miss it out you’ll feel horrible during the day – it’ll feel like going outside without brushing your teeth. Put yourself in the protection of Allāh through daily du’ā."
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