Inspirational Quranic Verses - Finding Hope and Purpose in Life

  • 21 Oct 2021
Every Muslim would type in ‘Inspirational Quran verses’ in their search engines at least once in their lives when they feel the need for extra boost. Islam is a religion of hope and mercy, and everyone has the right to be happy and feel more hopeful in life. In this article, you will find many inspirational Islamic quotes which will help you get through the rough and tough bumps on the road, InshaAllah.
There are many inspirational quotes from the Quran when you truly put your heart and soul into contemplating the verses. Here are some beautiful Islamic quotes and images we have compiled just for you.
Inspirational Quran Verses on Strength and Hope in Life
1. “God does not burden any soul with more than it can bear.”   [Quran 2:286]
The burden of life may seem too much for us to handle sometimes, but remember that Allah the Merciful believes that we can get through it. He sees the potential in us and he Knows we can endure it with perseverance. If Allah the Almighty, the Lord of the Worlds, has faith in us, who are we as meek beings to deny our truest strength?
2. “Do not lose heart or despair- if you are true believers you have the upper hand-” [Quran 3:139].
Based on this inspirational Islamic quote, Allah the Merciful Promises us that we will indeed be among the superior if we are patient with the trials and tribulations that befall upon us. A part of being patient is accepting His Divine Decree, no matter how harsh the reality may seem. So, if you feel at a loss right now, do not grieve. Do not lose heart, for you have won a great victory of life.
3.“So truly where there is hardship there is also ease;” [Quran 94:5].
You might have come across this inspirational Islamic quote, as it is quite popularly posted on our social media platforms. This verse is particularly relevant to those who are currently undergoing an overwhelming hardship, but Allah Promises that every hardship will indeed be ease. One of the reasons why is that our hearts are built stronger after every heartbreak, more durable and stronger. Time will heal, and this too, shall pass, InshaAllah.
4.“My mercy encompasses all things” [Quran 7:156]
When all hope seems lost, when injustice and evil prevails, remember this beautiful verse on Allah’s Mercy. Allah is the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, and he Sees things we might not be able to see with our naked eyes and limited use of intellectual faculty. In other words, we might not know the wisdom or hikmah behind all the things that have happened to us, so this verse will reassure us that whatever happens is the Divine Decree of Allah the Most Merciful.
5.“And will provide for them from an unexpected source; God will be enough for those who put their trust in Him. God achieves His purpose; God has set a due measure for everything.” [Quran 65:3]
This inspirational islamic quote entails the significance of relying on Allah the Almighty alone. We should not cling onto human beings, albeit our parents, children, spouses, or friends. Neither should we attach ourselves to wealth and fame that the world has to offer, because none of that compares to the feeling of contentment when you have Allah the Merciful, and believe in His Divine Plans.
6.“Indeed, I am near.” [Quran 2:186]
This is one of the most impactful Quranic verses for the lonely and troubled Muslims out there. All they need is four words to reassure them that they will never feel empty, nor will they ever feel alone when they have Allah the Merciful in their lives. Even when you have sinned, Allah’s Mercy excels His Wrath and He is always ready to forgive you if you seek forgiveness from Allah All-Forgiving.
7. “He knows what is in every heart.” [Quran 67:13].
This inspirational Quranic quote highlights that Allah the All-Knowing knows our intentions, thoughts, and concealed feelings we contain in our hearts. Sometimes, you might feel that nobody would understand the situation you are going through, and all you do is keep it to yourself without telling anyone. Remember, Allah knows and He is always near you. You can always let it out to the Creator of the Worlds, as He understands all the emotions you are facing.
8. “He created the heavens and earth for a true purpose; He formed you and made your forms good: you will all return to Him.” [Quran 64:3]
If you ever doubt yourself, thinking you are not enough, this inspirational Quranic quote reminds us all that we have been created in the best of forms with utmost perfection. We should never undermine our potential, and always pave a path to discover our capabilities that we never knew we have. This verse of the Quran serves as a timely source of inspiration whenever you feel lost in life.
9. “You who believe, seek help through steadfastness and prayer, for God is with the steadfast.” [Quran 2:153]
Allah the Merciful highlights these two important steps in order to seek help in whatever turbulence we encounter: patience and prayer. Without these two essential solutions, we will be overwhelmed by negative emotions. If you have never tried this before, next time you feel lost, vulnerable, stressed out, or depressed, try this out and see the difference it makes. You have to believe in Allah the Almighty in order to cure whatever you are feeling, InshaAllah.
10. “Do you suppose that you will enter the Garden without first having suffered like those before you? They were afflicted by misfortune and hardship, and they were so shaken that even [their] messenger and the believers with him cried, ‘When will God’s help arrive?’ Truly, God’s help is near.” [Quran 2:214]
According to the inspirational Quran verse, Allah the Almighty Promised that every individual, especially the Prophets, may Allah be Pleased with them all, will and have been afflicted with trials and tribulations so dire, we desperately need the help of Allah. Tests will surely occur in our lives, but Allah ends the verse with a reassuring phrase, that He will always be near us, InshaAllah.
10 Inspirational Quranic Quotes on Forgiveness and Repentance
1. “Say, ‘[God says], My servants who have harmed yourselves by your own excess, do not despair of God’s mercy. God forgives all sins: He is truly the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.” [Quran 39:53]
This is one of the inspirational Islamic quotes we believe is worth sharing with you. It is interesting to note that Allah the Almighty equates sinning to us transgressing against ourselves. This shows that our act of sinning is in fact contradicting our fitrah as a human being, and we alone suffer the worldly consequences. However, Allah the Merciful never leaves us hanging. He instead gives us hope at the end of the verse by highlighting His Infinite Mercy, SubhanAllah.
2. “Prophet, tell those you have taken captive, ‘If God knows of any good in your hearts, He will give you something better than what has been taken from you, and He will forgive you: God is forgiving and merciful.” [Quran 8:70]
Unlike the judgemental society who always see the negative in people, Allah the Merciful specifically mentions that even if there was a speck of goodness in your heart, no matter how small, He will surely give you something better than what you have lost. In the latter part of the verse, He is ready to forgive you, no matter what you have done in the past. This is a clear indication of His Infinite Mercy and we should take this opportunity to be the better version of ourselves.
3. “People who repent and do good deeds truly return to God.” [Quran 25:71]
Surely, this inspirational Quran verse highlights the essence of forgiveness and repentance in Islam. If you truly want to get out of your spiritual rut, repent from all the sins you have committed in the past, no matter how bad or destructive it was, and always do good deeds. Do good anywhere and anytime you can to compensate for your sins. Indeed, Allah is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful to His servants.
 4.“Except those who repent, believe, and do good deeds: God will change the evil deeds of such people into good ones. He is most forgiving, most merciful.” [Quran 25:70]
Isn’t it amazing that once you sincerely repent on your previous sins, those sins you have committed will be converted into good deeds! Imagine the bountiful blessings Allah the Merciful has bestowed upon us all. Even if we have wronged, He gives us the upper hand to repent and convert all our sins. Not only do we have a chance to improve ourselves as good Muslims, but Allah helps us with the previous sins we have.
 5. “But God only undertakes to accept repentance from those who do evil out of ignorance and soon afterwards repent: these are the ones God will forgive, He is all knowing, all wise.” [Quran 4:17]
Every human being commits mistakes, and we’re called ‘Insaan’ for a reason. We have the tendency to forget and our Imaan can sometimes fluctuate. There are days we could conquer our animalistic desires, and there are days when they get the best of us. However, Allah reminds us in many parts of the Quran the importance of repentance, and how we should return to Him every time we fall.
 6. “Yet anyone who does evil or wrongs his own soul and then asks God for forgiveness will find Him most Forgiving and Merciful.” [Quran 4:110]
This is one of the inspirational Quranic verses that highlights the importance of prioritising our needs and natural inclinations towards goodness. Allah the Merciful clearly knows what is best for us, and the sins we’ve committed, both minor and major, are against the rights of our soul. The only natural remedy we can rely on is to seek forgiveness from the One who created our existence. That way, we can move past our sins, move on and become a better person.
 7. “Whatever misfortune befalls you [people], it is because of what your own hands have done- God forgives much-” [Quran 42:30]
Like a mother caring for a child and wants the best for them, Allah’s Mercy and Compassion towards His servants is indescribable. Whatever sins we have committed and if we forget Him, indeed, it is not a loss for Him, but it is definitely a huge loss for us. It is not Him that we have hurt, but we have hurt ourselves. Let this be a chance for us to repent, InshaAllah.
 8. “Yet I am most Forgiving towards those who repent, believe, do righteous deeds, and stay on the right path.” [Quran 20:82]
This inspirational Islamic quote not only focuses on repentance, but the consistency of doing good in the long run. Of course, the whole point of turning back to Allah is to try our best to remain steadfast on the road taken. One of the ways to persevere is to increase our good deeds the best we can. As we all know, getting rid of bad deeds is very difficult, so the way around it is to increase good deeds as much as we can, to the point it has become a habit and a part of our lives. That way, InshaAllah we will be able to get rid of bad deeds.
 9. “Do they not know that it is God Himself who accepts repentance from His servants and receives what is given freely for His sake?” [Quran 9:104]
Here is another one of the inspirational Islamic quotes on repentance which can be useful for fellow Muslims. Remember, it is not too late to return to Allah the Most Merciful, no matter how bad and ugly your secrets may be.
 10. “When those who believe in Our revelations come to you [Prophet], say, ‘Peace be upon you. Your Lord has taken it on Himself to be merciful: if any of you has foolishly done a bad deed, and afterwards repented and mended his ways, God is most Forgiving and most Merciful.” [Quran 6:54]
Here lies the importance of guidance. One of the prime ways of getting the right guidance is to abide by the two binding sources of Islam, Quran and Sunnah. If we follow the right guidance and the steps of our beloved Prophet, Peace and Blessings be upon him, InshaAllah, we will never be lost!
10 Inspirational Quranic Quotes on Doing Good
 1. “We shall lodge those who believed and did good deeds in lofty dwellings, in the Garden graced with flowing streams, there to remain. How excellent is the reward of those who labour,” [Quran 29:58].
There are many inspirational Quranic quotes on the bountiful rewards of the righteous Muslims, and we would like to share this quote with you. The salient takeaway of this verse of hope is that as long as we believe in Allah and continue to do good deeds, we will be granted Paradise, InshaAllah. If people have wronged you, if you have been afflicted with unbearable difficulties, remind yourself that this world is temporary. As long as you have Allah the Merciful and do good, you are on the right track.
 2. “And speak to people good words.” [Quran 2:83].
Our words matter. It could even make someone’s day or ruin it. Be wise when we speak to someone and if all the hate, anger and negativity is really necessary. Islam discourages us to hurt others with our word, what more use abusive and vulgar words. If you have nothing nice to say, it’s better to remain silent, as per the Prophet’s (s) teachings.
 3. “Who believe in God and the Last Day, who order what is right and forbid what is wrong, who are quick to do good deeds. These people are among the righteous.” [Quran 3:114]
Amar ma’ruf, nahi munkar, which means ‘enjoin good, forbid evil’. Every Muslim has a responsibility to bring justice, uphold what is right in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah, and try to advice those who commit sins publicly. People oftentimes mistaken that this principle means they have to be a ‘haraam police’, but do they not know that we should also try our best not to humiliate others in public, and advise in a way that the Prophet, Peace and Blessings be upon him, used to do?
4. “Keep up the prayer and pay the prescribed alms. Whatever good you store up for yourselves, you will find it with God: He sees everything you do.” [Quran 2:110]
According to this inspirational Quranic verse, Allah the Merciful mentions the importance of doing good, especially those listed in the pillars of Islam. Every Muslims must conduct the five obligatory deeds, including prayer and zakah. Have we done enough? Let this be a motivation for us to move forward and do more good deeds, InshaAllah.
5. So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it, [Quran 99:7]
This is one of the essential inspirational Quranic verses that mentions how meticulous Allah the Merciful Observes our good deeds. Not one will be let go to waste. We sometimes think that doing good deeds is manifested in how much you can donate, or much you could do. However, don’t forget that Allah Sees the littlest of deeds as well. Take this as an opportunity to grow and slowly contribute to society step-by-step.
6. “Fulfil any pledge you make in God’s name and do not break oaths after you have sworn them, for you have made God your surety: God knows everything you do.” [Quran 16:91]
Allah the Merciful here mentions the importance of doing good to others. It is great that we have a good relationship with Allah, but having good ties with other people is just as important. It is not wise for us to abandon our role as a Muslim in the society. We have to help those in need, give charity, and just be good to other people in general.
7. “For God is with those who are mindful of Him and who do good.” [Quran 16:128]
If you think you’re alone, fret not. This inspirational Islamic quote will cheer you up. Allah the Merciful mentions that He will always be with those who do good, no matter what happens. Remember, you will never be alone. Keep doing good to others, and InshaAllah, Allah is always with you.
8. “Those who remember God and implore forgiveness for their sins if they do something shameful or wrong themselves- who forgives sins but God?- and who never knowingly persist in doing wrong.” [Quran 3:135]
This inspirational Quranic verse tells us that Allah the Merciful indeed loves those who repent in the path of Allah.
9. “And so God gave them both the rewards of this world and the excellent rewards of the Hereafter: God loves those who do good.” [Quran 3:148]
Most of us are aware that we will be rewarded in the Hereafter if we do good deeds. However, not many people know that sometimes, you can also be rewarded in this world. Imagine the double reward we could gain if we were to do one single deed. SubhanAllah. Indeed, Allah is Merciful.
10. “Be steadfast: God does not let the rewards of those who do good go to waste.” [Quran 11:115]
Allah loves those who are steadfast, as our Iman tends to fluctuate. Allah the Merciful will definitely reward those who try their best to stay on the right path. Let this be a reminder for you to be more consistent in your ‘ibadah and connection with Allah and other human beings, as well as the environment.
At the end of the day, it is our responsibility to become a better Muslim, to always be the best version of ourselves, and the Quran is there to help us during our own tough times. If you have any other Islamic Quranic verses that keeps you going, share with us down below!
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